Burke Catholic High School senior receives scholarship from U.S. Army

| 08 Mar 2018 | 01:45

GOSHEN — As seniors across the country wrap up the school year and make important decisions about their future, a Burke Catholic High School 12th grader is choosing to serve her country after going to college on a scholarship paid for by the United States Army.
Kathryn Bassey, 17, of Monroe, has received a three-year Advanced Designee scholarship in the form of a grant that will cover three years of college tuition starting in her sophomore year. She will choose between Tampa University, Furman University and the College of William and Mary to use her scholarship.
The grant is awarded to graduating seniors or to those who will obtain an equivalent certificate. Competition is keen, as more than 6,000 students from across the country apply for the scholarship.
Three-year Advanced Designee scholarship winners must satisfactorily participate in Army ROTC in their freshmen year for the scholarship to take effect at the beginning of their sophomore year.
Bassey said leadership opportunities and academic success at Burke Catholic prepared her to attend college and serve her country.
“My family is extremely patriotic,” said Bassey. “I’ve always wanted to serve my country and help others. I was introduced to this scholarship on a college visit to Furman University, and it just felt right.”
To apply for the scholarship, Bassey filled out an online application outlining her extracurricular activities and sports as well as basic information. She wrote three essays and completed a confidential survey. She also took a physical fitness exam, which required her to run a mile and perform push-ups and sit-ups for a specific time.
“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” Bassey said. “Over the summer, I will get in good shape so I can handle the physical training when I start college.”
After Bassey finishes college, she has the option to continue onto graduate school or serve in the military. She can choose four years of active duty or eight years in the National Guard.
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