Albany. Branenec stands with law enforcement

Albany /
| 10 Jun 2020 | 02:16

    Assemblyman Karl Brabenec (R,C,I-Deerpark) denounced the elimination of Section 50-a of the Civil Rights Law in New York state.

    Repealing Section 50-a will make law enforcement officers’ disciplinary records, misconduct complaints and transcripts available to the public. Unsubstantiated and false claims against officers will also be made public. Voting to repeal this law came amidst calls for defunding of the police and outcries against police abuses.

    “I strongly oppose the repeal of Section 50-a,” said Brabenec. “Making so much information public, which may include false accusations, could adversely affect police officers. We will treat our protectors like troublemakers in high school: always guilty until proven otherwise. I do not see how releasing such records could solve problems. I fear minor, administrative and unproven claims used against police officers and their character, not to mention opportunity for potential harassment and phishing expeditions.

    “Obviously,” the assemblyman added, “mob rule is gaining ground.”