Living by the foundations of the Tommy Dowd Scholarship

| 22 Feb 2012 | 01:36

    We would like to piggy-back on the article appearing in The Photo News on the Tommy Dowd Softball Tournament and Foundation. Our son Tim Grupp was the “deserving” male who received the $2,500 Tommy Dowd Scholarship last May at M-W High School. Tim coordinated with Greg O’Connor of the Scholarship Committee and Bob Prosperi of Computer Depot in Woodbury to use his Tommy Dowd Scholarship to purchase a new laptop for college. Tim received the laptop from Bob last week, the day before he left for college. “The laptop will always have a special meaning to me and will make me work even harder in school because it was purchased by the Tommy Dowd Scholarship,” Tim said. Tim is now at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and plans to become aerospace engineer. He left two weeks early for college because Tim will play as an offensive lineman for the WPI football team. Most importantly Tim will be a WPI Air Force ROTC Cadet and on an Air Force scholarship. Sept. 11 had a tremendous impact on our son. Because of the attacks on the World Trade Center, Tim wanted to serve in the military to defeat terrorists. Tim lives by the foundations of the Tommy Dowd Scholarship everyday of his life. He lives life to its fullest, is a leader and dedicated to whatever pursuits (which are many: academics, church, athletics, music, drama, scouts and flying) he takes up. The tragedy of 9/11 and the lose of Tommy Dowd’s life can never be reversed. But the goals of this foundation and the spirit of Tommy Dowd live on in such young men and women as our son Tim Grupp. For that we can all be grateful that the friends and family of Tommy Dowd started this foundation. Our family is very thankful for the scholarship they gave our son. We understand the true meaning behind the foundation. We also feel our son Tim Grupp will make the Tommy Dowd Foundation truly proud of his work in the classroom, athletic field, school community and ROTC then the Air Force as he continues his tremendous journey through college and beyond. Tim will always represent the spirit of the Tommy Dowd Foundation in a very special way. Thank you very much. Jim and Kathy Grupp Highland Mills