Let me do it, Mom!

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:52

    The first year that my daughter had her own apartment and wanted to show her culinary skills, she offered to make the Thanksgiving turkey. (understand that my daughter is very feminine and does not like yucky things) She took the turkey out of the freezer on the morning of Thanksgiving.... she then proceeded to try to open the cavity for stuffing...she was totally grossed out at the thought of sticking her hands inside of this bird and since it was totally frozen, she was chipping away at it with a fork and knife; she called me in disgust as the frozen chips where now stuck to her eyeglasses. She decided to make the stuffing outside of the bird and put the bird in the oven to roast. It appeared to be working out ok and she packed it up and brought it over for dinner. We all anxiously awaited the end product, but when we began to carve it, we found another surprise! She had totally ignored the "other cavity" and as we saw some strange yellow plastic strings in the slices, we noticed that she had not removed the giblet bag. We all had a good laugh and proceeded to eat the rest of the bird, her "outside" stuffing and her cranberry jello mold. A happy Thanksgiving was enjoyed by all.