Here's one fine mess Ollie!

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:52

    After spending all morning in the kitchen and finally getting the meal complete and my recipes turning out to my liking my husband decided it was time to do his part. Like most men, he had to have the biggest turkey he could get his hands on. Needless to say he eats like a mouse! Who was going to eat all this turkey was beyond my wildest imagination since there was only six of us for dinner - IO know who he wsa thinking of, why Maggie and Max our Boston terrier and our Yorkie. Well it was time for George to to his part with our monsterous turkey, George said "now Christine you know you're such a klutz in the kitchen so get out of the way, it's true I'm a major klutz! Have been all of my life, so what if a wine a week getss broken, I now have pewter goblets for my wine. my klutziness always has a good outcome To get back to the turkey, George had insisted on cooking it in one of those disposable foil pans, which I have no use for, since my only experience with one - leaked all over my oven. Okay he's now got it out of the oven - GREAT! Ohhhh, it's F A L L I N G.....SH....! dId I say that? O'kay we can wipe the turkey off but the floor, did you say GREASE? We could have had dirty dancing for the next week, ever try to degrease an all wood floor? After washing the floor several times with Dawn and whatever I could get my hands on I laid down newspapers and paper towels so our guest wolnd't slip every time they went into the kitchen. But the day wa