Environmental company gives Walton Lake a clean bill of health

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:56

    Monroe-An environmental report on Walton Lake indicates that it "essentially remains devoid of nuisance species of submerged plants and currently has no weed problem." Clean Lakes Inc. of Wallkill based its conclusions on work that the company did last August. Its staff measured such things as dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, conductivity and turbidity, or clarity, within Walton Lake. They also observed aquatic vegetation from a boat and with divers. According to the report, a triploid grass carp was sighted during the monitoring. The fish, found in shallow water, "was very lively and appeared to be in good condition." Triploid grass carp are plant-eating fish from the Amur River Basin and lowland rivers in China and Russia. The carp are functionally sterile. That makes them ideal for use as biological control for overabundant aquatic plants. The Clean Lakes report "does not recommend that the Town of Monroe consider stocking additional triploid grass carp into Walton Lake at this time" because it found no weed problem. The Walton Lake report was among the items discussed at the Monroe Town Board meeting on Jan. 24. That meeting had been postponed from Jan. 6 because of inclement weather. Among the other business handled by the board were: • The town highway department received approval to sign an agreement with the state Department of Transportation to purchase a three-ton dump truck for $75,000. The money came from a legislative member item secured by state Sen. William J. Larkin. "Senator Larkin has been a great support to the Town of Monroe over the years," said Highway Superintendent Roy Montanye. "He has provided thousands of dollars to the villages and towns in Orange County over the years." • Plans and specifications are nearly complete for the new dog shelter to be built on Mine Road. The new building will be on the site of the present shelter. Once the final review is complete. the project will be open for bids. • Dial-a-Bus drivers will be able to take a driver safety course given at the School Bus garage. • Town Attorney Kevin Dowd will be talking with representatives at the DEC regarding fish in Round Lake. • The board approved an initial $1,200 expenditure for an Archeological Survey to be conducted for the proposed Town Hall/Library building project site. • A water main break in District # 12 was discovered quickly. Repairs were made and most homeowners only experienced a drop in water pressure. • Discussion regarding proposed storm water pond regulations has been postponed until Feb 7. That's the date of the next the Town Board, which is scheduled to begin at 7:30 in the Senior Center.