Donnery says Calhoun is a no-show at Albany budget session

| 22 Feb 2012 | 01:30

    Assemblywoman Nancy Calhoun was nowhere to be found in Albany or at the extraordinary session called by the governor last Wednesday (July 28) evening. At a time when the state is running out of cash and the budget is nearly four months overdue, we need our representative to be in Albany fighting for our community and taxpayers. You have no impact if you’re a no-show. Decisions are made by those who show up. Plain and simple, legislators were summoned to Albany to solve the budget and address important issues. To thumb your nose at being at work shows a lack of regard for completing the budget and securing much-needed relief from the property taxes that are crushing homeowners across the Hudson Valley. We deserve an Assembly member who takes it seriously enough to be there no matter what. We need a legislator who shows up to work. We can’t afford to let this budget battle continue. The time for talk has come and gone — Hudson Valley residents are demanding immediate action. It’s time for the politicians to get to work. Evidently, Nancy Calhoun has other priorities. She owes local taxpayers an explanation as to where she was and why she didn’t show up to do the job she was elected to do. Roxanne Donnery Orange County Legislator Editor’s note: Roxanne Donnery is challenging Nancy Calhoun in the 96th Assembly District, which includes the Towns of Blooming Grove, Chester, Cornwall, Crawford, Highlands, Montgomery, New Windsor, and Woodbury in Orange County and the Town of Stony Point in Rockland County.