Donnery against MTA rate hikes

| 22 Feb 2012 | 02:05

    First we have the bailout, and then it’s the payroll tax and now another fare hike. The people of the Hudson Valley might as well just sign over our paychecks so they can be deposited directly into the MTA’s bank account, Many Hudson Valley residents depend on the MTA to get to work and provide for their families and, in these tough times, the MTA wants to take more; this is third fare hike in three years! Enough is enough! Cut waste - don’t tax us more. Cut fraud and abuse - don’t charge us more for a r de. Cut costs - not services. If I am elected to the Assembly I will fight to cut the agency’s waste by streamlining offices and cutting duplication of services. It’s time the MTA stops treating taxpayers and commuters as their personal ATM. Roxanne Donnery Democratic candidate for 97th Assembly District