Costello family seeks assistance

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:50

    To the Editor: The family of Anthony Costello Jr. would like to express our thanks to friends and community for their on going support, care and concern. We send this with much love and heart felt appreciation for you. It is not the experience of loss that becomes the defining moment of our lives, for this is as inevitable as death, which is the last loss awaiting us all. It is how we respond to the loss that matters. That response will largely determine the quality, the direction and impact of our lives. We, as a family, would like to bring closure to this tragedy, and in doing so, make sure that what happened to Anthony Costello Jr. never happens to anyone else. A Web site is available, detailing the circumstances that led to this unfortunate occurrence. The address is www. We have questions and also want to share with you the events that preceded this horrific tragedy. We are also continuing our pursuit of what really happened the evening of April 29, 2004. With our deepest appreciation, we thank everyone for your support. God Bless. Anthony Costello Sr. Warwick (Note:This is a corrected version)