Combined emergency services proposal for town and villages in preliminary stage

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:58

    MONROE-The Harriman and Monroe Villages and the Town of Monroe held a preliminary meeting last week to discuss the feasibility of combining emergency services. This early, first meeting included discussion about a consolidated police capability that would be extended to the Town of Monroe which now relies on State Police patrols. Monroe Village Mayor Joseph C. Mancuso said the ideal arrangement would also include a common fire district. He said "benefits could be overall cost economy and service increases" but the potential exists for a decrease in village taxes and an increase in town tax. Town of Monroe Supervisor Sandy Leonard said that everything must be looked at that could impact the tax base. Village of Monroe Trustee Thomas M. Remo presented for consideration a "phase-in-proposal" to reach the ultimate goal of allocating total police expenses by taxable assessment over a three year period. "I'm sure many additional items need to be discussed before any final commitment is made," he said, "but I firmly believe we can work to a common goal to provide police protection to our entire community." A follow-up meeting is tentatively scheduled for April 21.