College hopes to maintain tuition at its current rate

| 21 Feb 2012 | 10:49

    Orange County Community College is not calling for a tuition increase in its 2004-2005 proposed budget. Tuition will remain at $2,700 per year for full-time students and $110 per credit for part timers. Dan Bloomer the college's vice president for administration presented the budget to the Orange County Legislature last week. "We've raised tuition by 20 percent over the last three years," he said. "It seemed fair to try to keep it the same this year." The budget projects an increase in the total amount raised by tuition of $371,100 this year, based on a 3 percent increase in student enrollment. Enrollment includes 2,711 full time students. With summer session, part time students and out of state students, the college teaches a full-time equivalent of 4,270 students. Bloomer asked the county Legislature to approve an 8 percent increase in its share of the college budget. Orange County provides 32 percent of the college's revenue, he said. The budget calls for an increase of $248,000 in state aid. Bloomer said, however, the college cannot count on this amount. The state must pass a budget before the college can be sure of how much it will get. The total budget of $38.24 million represents an increase of $1.63 million over last year, or 4.27 percent. Much of the increase is the result of increases in health insurance premiums, contractually mandated salary increases and a large increase in the contribution to the New York State retirement system - from 4.5 percent of salaries to 7.5 percent. While the college hopes to maintain tuition at its current rate this year, Bloomer said, the rate will undoubtedly rise in future years. The Legislature will discuss the proposed budget with its auditor and County Executive Edward Diana before deciding whether to approve it.