Celebrating Central Valley students

| 22 Feb 2012 | 03:24

The Central Valley Elementary PTA hosted ceremonies on Nov. 22 to recognize and honor the participants and winners of the PTA’s Reflections Program. Pictured are: Willie Turner, Aaron Otero, Sophie Turner, Katie Hood, Julianna Edel, Jessica Ader, Luca Albanese, Kerry McDermott, Heather Rutishauser, Kathleen Silverstein, Emma Khorassani, Isabella Lafayette, Marcus Brown, Miles Heder, Andrew Padilla, Gavin Otero, Victoria vanRoekens, Grace Rocks, Olympia Prodafikas, Natalie Davidson, Catarina Schiff, Anais Albanese, Kevin Pinho, Kyra Cardillo, Jolina Otero, William Xu, Julia Mei, Emily Wang, Cassandra Fevola and Maggie Connolly. Also participating were Maggie Duffner, Amy Heimowitz and Caitlin Mignano.