By the numbers: South Orange YMCA

| 22 Feb 2012 | 01:54

    Expenditures by category to date $388,000 total spent to date • Architecture: $142,317 (37 percent) • Rent: $69,788 (18 percent) • Engineering $64,706 (17 percent) • Village of Monroe: $42,331 ( 11 percent) • Pre-design: $32,334 (eight percent) • Construction management: $21,900 (six percent) • Marketing: $8,696 (two percent) • Miscellaneous: $5,531 (one percent) Hard and soft costs: $2,588,000 • Construction: $1,950,000 (75 percent) • Architect/Engineering/ etc : $388,000 (15 percent) • Wellness equipment: $148,500 (six percent) • Staffing: $50,000 (two percent) • Promotion: $25,000 (one percent) • Pre-sale marketing: $16,000 (0.6 percent) • Meeting materials and costs: $5,500 (0.2. percent) •Opening gala : $5,000 (0.2 percent) Funding sources: $2,588,000 • Construction loan (10 years): $1,250,000 (49 percent) • Capital campaign: $625,000 (24 percent) • Investment reserves: $500,000 (19 percent) • Middletown net income: $213,000 (eight percent) Your name here: Naming opportunities for South Orange Y MONROE -The South Orange Y’s $625,000 capital is off to a good start, with 18 percent, or $100,025, raised. The total gifts thus far are from two donors: one for $100,000; and a second for $25. And, that makes officials feel good. “This is a great start,” said Linda Cellini, development director for the YMCA of Middletown and Sullivan County on Wednesday afternoon. “It shows us that extreme ends of the community are supporting us. Those $25 gifts are just as important as the larger ones.” There are naming opportunities in place for the gymnasium ($100,000); the youth center, wellness center and community space ($50,000 for each ); rooms for group exercise, child watch, family enrichment center, teen center, family fitness area, and locker rooms ($25,000 each); and the lounge, base camp, garden and general plaques ($10,000 each). Cellini stressed that gifts of large amounts such as those noted above can also be used for a naming opportunity of the donor’s choice, which may differ from those noted above. She did not yet know what the naming opportunity decision of the $100,000 donor was, and declined to name that person pending his or her decision and if there was a preference to remain anonymous. Legacy wall listing opportunities begin at the $1,000 level. For $1,000 to $4,999, donors will be listed on the four foot by four foot “Legacy Wall.” For $5,000 to $9,999, they will be listed on the larger eight foot by 10 foot wall. For questions or other ideas for naming opportunities, contact Cellini at 807-1273 or 344-9622. - Nancy Kriz