A young person's poem on Veterans Day

| 22 Feb 2012 | 02:36

Editor’s note: The following poem, Never Forgotten, was written by Tara McCoy, a sixth-grader in the Green House at Monroe-Woodbury Middle School. It was submitted by her mother Dawn McCoy, who wrote: “Tara did not write this with the intent of having me mail it (I had no idea she was working on it) or as part of a school assignment. It was something she was simply moved to do with thoughts of our veterans in her heart. She created it start to finish. In fact, the picture of the eagle in the background she, herself, took during a family eagle-watching trip to Lackawaxen Township.” Never Forgotten Each man and woman in this war is loved each day more and more, whether war has taken your blessed life or you have lived past wars armed strife. Stand tall and true with pride and honor as families and friends grow fonder and fonder. You risk your life with love and care as brave and strong as the respected brown bear. You are always remembered and always loved. You are keeping us free and you will always be a hero through the eyes of America. You are loved and thought of every day, you are as bright and needed as the suns golden ray. Your sergeants and soldiers, the younger, the older are loved and never forgotten. - Tara McCoy