Village board and fellow officers present Chief Graziano with award

| 30 Sep 2011 | 09:32

    Chester — The Village of Chester police chief and village board last month gave out metals of accommodation and certificates of appreciation to many of the village police officers. They were honored for great police work in a range of cases, such as a foster parent abusing a child, finding convicted felons, firearms, drug arrests, community service, stolen property, the key bank robbery, and assault. After police Chief Peter Graziano finished handing out awards to the members of his department, police officers and village board members presented the chief with an award of the Gallantry Star in front of a proud village board and audience members. The officers talked about the chief’s work. They said he has changed the image of the department, helped develop evidence for cases, and got the police department involved with public participation, to name a few of his accomplishments.