Orange County celebrates Polish-American heritage during October

| 30 Sep 2011 | 08:34

Historian’s office hosts Polonaise Society cultural exhibit GOSHEN - In recognition of Orange County’s rich Polish heritage, County Executive Edward A. Diana and County Historian Ted Sly welcomed the Hudson Valley Polonaise Society to the Historian’s office in Goshen to celebrate the opening of the Society’s month-long Polish cultural exhibit. Many of the county’s residents of Polish descent have close ties to farming the Black Dirt fields. The exhibit includes farming artifacts, including onion bags and baskets, as well as cultural and traditional items. A number of the guests at the opening event were dressed in traditional Polish garb. Personal recollections of working on the Black Dirt farms were also shared by many guests. “We’re very proud of Orange County’s Polish heritage,” said Diana. “The Polish immigrants and their descendents have made many contributions to our community. Cultivation of the Black Dirt fields has made our county the leading producer of onions in New York State and has added greatly to our agricultural prosperity.”

Essential information
The Polish-American exhibit on display at the Orange County Historian’s office at the 1841 Court House at 101 Main Street in Goshen, runs through October. For more information, call 291-2388.