Woodbury will thank volunteers with lively First Responders Day

On June 25, swimming, barbeque, games and a benefit race will be among the community activities at Earl Reservoir

| 06 Jun 2022 | 05:17

The community of Woodbury has designated June 25 as a day to festively show gratitude at their annual First Responders Day, to be held at Earl Reservoir in Highland Mills.

The event was pitched last year by Brandon Calore, Chairman of Woodbury Parks and Recreations Committee, in celebration of the first responders who provide invaluable support for the town’s EMS, firefighters, and police force.

“These are citizens and residents that step up and take on the extra duties of serving our community. In a way, that’s amazing,” Calore said.

Registration for the event will begin at 8 a.m., followed by a 5k benefit run at 9 a.m. The town’s departments will then face off in dodgeball, watermelon-eating, and other competitions where triumph gets them a trophy. Other features will include barbeque, swimming, playgrounds for children, and live music performed by local musician Bruce Perone.

Calore expects a huge turnout for the day, noting last year’s event brought in over 300 attendees. “We had a beautiful day last year; people having fun, kids running around. It was a good event,” he said.

Plus, the event will be a great opportunity for residents to meet and thank Woodbury’s first responders.

“Each of the departments will have their own colored t-shirt: red for firefighters, blue for police, green for EMS. People will get to meet them, talk to them, say thanks for stepping in, and show appreciation,” Calore said. “That’s really what the day is all about: appreciation.”

Admission to the event will be free, with the committee taking donations for a local charity. Attendees must be Woodbury residents but each may bring five non-residents as guests for five dollars per guest.

First Responders Day: Registration for the event will begin at 8 a.m., June 25 followed by a 5k benefit run at 9 a.m. at Earl Reservoir in Highland Mills. Games, barbecue, swimming and more.