School resource officers get year round roles and more numerous amid safety concerns

Woodbury. SROs now patrol Woodbury community pool. Town Supervisor Tom Burke says the Town will be hiring more for community sites and the school year.

Monroe /
| 03 Aug 2022 | 04:16

Monroe and Woodbury are expanding their school resource officer program, says Woodbury Town Supervisor Tom Burke.

“Why stop protection at the end of the school year? We have to be on our guard,” he said.

So in Woodbury and the Monroe Woodbury School District, the SRO program is being further developed, with more SROs through the school year and their presence extended throughout the year.

“We have seen so many tragic situations over the past 20 years. Since Uvalde we all need to think differently, do differently,” said Burke. “We are expanding the SRO program in Woodbury in partnership with the Monroe/Woodbury School District, fostering safety for all residents, at all ages, at all stages.”

He notes the two steps taken.

“With the opening of the new John P. Burke Memorial Pool, I started an SRO program at the pool during peak visiting hours. The SRO presence in the community is critical from a safety perspective,” he said, noting that some residents have encouraged it.

“It’s great for us to be seen out here and involved in the community,” said Lt. Phillips. “We are seen in a positive light, and that enables us to develop and enhance rapport.”

The other step is recruitment of additional SROs, aiming to add three to the current seven SROs for the upcoming school year, 2022-3.

“At the end of the day, public safety must embody an alliance between law enforcement and the community as a whole,” said Burke. “The way to make this happen is to get more SRO officers at the schools, community events, at the reservoir and the John P. Burke Memorial pool and supply opportunities for connections. “

Why stop protection at the end of the school year? We have to be on our guard. - Woodbury Town Supervisor Tom Burke