Plane down in Wickham Lake

Warwick. Pilot and passenger swim to shore

| 01 Sep 2019 | 12:28

Both people aboard a small, single-engine plane emerged unscathed after making an emergency landing in Wickham Lake on Saturday, Sept. 1.

Warwick Police said the plane made a soft landing in the Lake around 10:15 a.m. Saturday after developing engine trouble. The plane was heading to nearby Warwick Municipal Airport.

Lt. John Rader said the plane's occupants were not injured and were able to get out of the plane on their own. He said they were checked by emergency personnel and cleared at the scene.

Alfred L. Freund III of Chester was kayaking Saturday morning on Wickham Lake when the incident happened. Here's what he saw:

"I had turned my kayak around to watch the plane land at the airport. It seemed as if it were a bit low over the water when suddenly the plane’s wheels were in the water. It did a nosedive forward and was vertical in the water for a bit before it fell back and slowly floated under.

"While I paddled over I saw two folks come out of the water and disappear onto the runway.

"I got to the plane with other boaters and we surmised all were out of the plane safely. That’s when I took the enclosed pictures.

"When I finally paddled away, only the tail of the plane was visible."

The plane has been pulled from the lake by airport authorities and will be inspected by federal aviation authorities.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.