Museum Village Car Show boasts the best of the county’s vehicles

Monroe. The show gave car enthusiasts an opportunity to look under the hood of a wide variety of cars of many ages.

| 09 Aug 2022 | 09:26

Hot off the road with the scent of steaming rubber following, the Mustang Club of Orange County hosted its seventh annual car show last Sunday at Monroe’s Musuem Village, a tradition for motor vehicle lovers who like to display their rides old and new.

Throughout the afternoon, participating drivers showcased about 160 cars of varying models, sizes, colors, and eras, some featuring in-depth descriptions and toy replicas. Attendees had the chance to see these automobiles up close, browse car-themed merchandise, and listen to live music from Fred Zeppelin Band.

While admission was free, any proceeds or donations went to supporting Museum Village, Mustang Club of Orange County, and a few other fundraisers, including Hudson Valley Ghostbusters.

“Very nice layout, lots of shade, good mix of vehicles,” said Dave Johnson, an Orange County resident who showed off his Mustang GT Shelby 350 R.

The show concluded with a tricky tray raffle for various goodies followed by a competition awarding 75 drivers, based on their cars’ respective release dates.

I’ve always liked this show,” said Joe Wolosz, a Monroe resident whose 1969 Chenell Super Sport won him a 1965-1970 category trophy. Wolosz mentioned that he always enjoys driving his Chenell around, and he’s particularly fond of muscle cars, or anything that’s just rare or interesting.

For more information on Mustang Club of Orange County and its car shows, visit their Facebook page.