Donations, police reaccreditation and new village hall update in Harriman

Harriman. At the Village of Harriman board meeting, the hat and glove drive outcome was announced as was the reaccreditation of Harriman Police Department and preliminary start date and money estimates for the new village hall.

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| 19 Dec 2022 | 04:45

Over 320 pairs of gloves and hats were collected at the Village of Harriman New Hats and Gloves Drive, concluded earlier this month, Mayor Lou Medina said at the Dec. 13 Harriman Village Board meeting. He said that he and Police Chief Patrick Tenaglia collected and donated them to Sacred Heart Church, where they will be given to people in need of them for this winter.

“It was a wonderful turnout,” Medina said.

Following this, Medina congratulated Police Chief Patrick Tenaglia, Sergeant Ludwig and the village’s police department for being reaccredited at the 133rd Law Enforcement Agency Accreditation Council Meeting. This meeting was headed by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services on December 8 in Albany, where the village’s police department was reassessed and recognized for meeting the program’s 110 standards of operation.

“I want to offer congratulations again to the chief, program managers, and the department for achieving this level of excellence,” Medina said, prompting applause from the room.

Medina also provided an update on the new village hall and police station, a project that originally began four years ago. Anderson Design Group, the designer for the project, recently provided the village with a 40% cost estimator report, helping the board better understand how much financing and resources will be needed.

“This helped to allow them to consider much more than what normally would have been in a 40% cost estimation. The next cost estimation is at 80% of design, which ADG expects to have back from the cost estimator soon after the holidays,” Medina said.

The new village hall and police station are slated to be built in place of the old village hall. While the date is not certain, the board hopes construction will start during the summer of 2023.