Woodbury Historical Society celebrates winter on Feb. 5 by looking for its roots

| 30 Sep 2011 | 09:21

Highland Mills - Photographer Ken Lipston of Highland Mills will be the guest speaker at the Woodbury Historical Society’s annual Winter Social on Feb. 5 at the Senior Center/Library in Highland Mills. Lipston’s goal is to encourage the public to learn more about our common local history, including how it is still practiced today. Central to his program is an exhibition of photographs that depict the people, trades and crafts that have existed in Orange County over the last century and still exist today. In the photos are preserved the culture, work ethic and the people who still labor in much the same way as they have for generations - even as so many farms turn into housing developments and malls, and small shops are pushed out by megastores. What makes much of “Orange County Roots” unique is its focus on the people themselves rather than similar endeavors depicting only buildings and landscapes of old Orange County. Among the varied visuals highlighted from around the area will be Ace Farm and Monroe Shoe Store in Monroe, the Bellvale and Scheuermann farms in Warwick, Brotherhood Winery in Washingtonville, Quaker Creek Store in Goshen and Roe’s Orchard in Chester.

Find out more
Ken Lipston is currently expanding his photographic exhibition even further into an “Orange County Roots Photojournalism Workshop” which include a book and a Web site www.orangecountyroots.com where additional information is now available.
If you go
The Woodbury Historical Society will hold its annual winter social on Saturday, Feb. 5, at 2 p.m. in the Senior Center/Library on Route 105 in Highland Mills.
The public is welcome and there is no admission fee. Refreshments will be served.
For more information, call 845-928-6770 or 928-9249.