Willy Gilly productions films seven new scenes for ‘Collar'

| 30 Sep 2011 | 08:41

Goshen — Production of seven new scenes for the film “Collar,” filmed by Willy-Gilly Productions based in Goshen, took place Nov. 20 to 22. Willy-Gilly principals Nan Gill and David Wilson said their purpose is to create, develop and produce high quality, independent films and programming. This is the story of Timothy James (“TJ”) Williams, a cop, his family, friends and the town where they live and work. Within 24 hours, his world will turn upside down, but the film is a story of redemption. The cast includes Rebecca De Mornay as Mayor Ramona “Nomi” Billingsley; Tom Sizemore as Chief Hamilton Markham; Director David Wilson as TJ Williams; Sabrina Johnston as Doris Williams; and Bettina Skye plays Alice, Markham’s wife.