Warwick. ‘Mortal Storm’ film honors Holocaust Remembrance Day

| 28 Mar 2023 | 01:14

In commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Albert Wisner Public Library will show “The Mortal Storm” at 1 p.m. This program is free and open to the public.

Linda Dubin will introduce the movie, explain why it is being shown, and remind everyone why Holocaust Remembrance Day is observed.

“The Mortal Storm” was one of the few directly anti-Nazi Hollywood films released before Pearl Harbor, Dec 7, 1941. As a result, the Nazis banned all MGM films in Germany.

The film details the impact on Germans after Hitler became Chancellor of Germany and gained unlimited power. It takes place in a university town in Germany in the mountains near the Austrian border. As the movie progresses, everything and everyone change for the worse. The cast includes Margaret Sullavan, James Stewart, Robert Young, and Frank Morgan.

Holocaust Remembrance Day was established in Israel a number of years ago and immediately observed all over the world. It always falls five days after the last day of Passover, Dubin said.

The library is located at 1 McFarland Drive, Warwick. For information, call 845-986-1047.