‘Tuxedo Legacy Mural' will be unveiled on Sept. 26

| 30 Sep 2011 | 08:28

Tuxedo - The Tuxedo Historical Society announces the unveiling of the “Tuxedo Legacy Mural” to the public for the first time on Sunday, Sept. 26. The unveiling program is from 2-3 p.m. followed by a reception and an opportunity to meet the artist and designer. The “Tuxedo Legacy Mural” will depict14 individuals who influenced the history of the land that would become the Town of Tuxedo and the Village of Tuxedo Park. While many of the mural portrait subjects are well-known for their contributions to Tuxedo history, there are several surprises. The “Legacy Mural” will be a focal point of the Tuxedo Historical Society’s headquarters building. The subject of each portrait will be depicted in the context of their contribution to area history and will serve to introduce broader topics relevant to the history of the town, region and nation. The “Tuxedo Legacy Mural” is made possible by the donation of Tuxedo Park residents John and Sara Cassis. The “Legacy Mural” is designed and produced by Design Function, Inc. and created by artist, Ron Peer. The Tuxedo Historical Society extends a special invitation to those whose ancestors were miners, stone workers, laborers, household staff or gardeners in Tuxedo or Tuxedo Park. A mural for the 21st century A mural generally brings to mind a work of art painted directly upon a wall, with the long-term fate of the mural being tied to the future condition and use of the building. But the “Tuxedo Legacy Mural” combines the traditional skills of portrait artist, Ron Peer, with the 21st century graphic technology of exhibit designers, Design Function, Inc. Peer’s original pastel portraits will be scanned and placed into a setting depicting the topography and physical features of Tuxedo. The computer technology allows the portraits to be shaded and blended into the layout. The completed 8’ x 8’ work of art will reside in a custom frame at the Tuxedo Historical Society headquarters building. During slide programs or movies the “Legacy Mural” can be safely concealed behind a large custom screen. The “Legacy Mural” is not painted on the wall, allowing for future preservation and portability. The original artwork will become a part of the THS collection and will be on display for the next several months. Who are the Tuxedo Legacy 14? The identity of “the 14” will not be revealed until the unveiling event. Many of the subjects are to be expected; others will likely be something of a surprise. How were the “Tuxedo Legacy Mural” subjects selected? Due to space constraints, all involved with the planning of the “Legacy Mural” acknowledged that selection criteria needed to be established and adhered to. The planners also strived to have representation from all parts of the town. Nevertheless, it is likely that some worthy individuals have been omitted. The criteria for inclusion in the “Legacy Mural” is as follows: The subject must be deceased. The subject must have made significant contribution to the history or culture of the land that would become the Town of Tuxedo, including the Village of Tuxedo Park. Merely being “famous” did not warrant inclusion in the mural. The subject and his/her endeavors must serve to introduce other topics relevant to Tuxedo history and to the collections policy of the Tuxedo Historical Society. About the artist Ron Peer is a highly accomplished portrait artist who studied in Europe and in New York City. His compositions hang in private collections throughout the world. His portrait commissions include that of the late Malcolm S. Forbes. Peer’s mastery of the skill of painting from photographs served him well in depicting the subjects in the “Tuxedo Legacy Mural,” all of whom are deceased. Peer maintains studios in the Adirondack Region, New Jersey and on Nantucket. The artist can be contacted via www.ronpeer.com. About the designer Design Function, Inc., under the direction of its present, Ed Ostberg, was retained to design the “Tuxedo Legacy Mural.” Design Function, Inc. met the challenges of designing a mural that would achieve maximum visual impact in a small area. The firm’s innovative placement of the mural allows multiple use of the space. Design Function, Inc. exhibitry can be seen throughout the region, including the National Racing Hall of Fame in Saratoga Springs. Ostberg can be contacted via www.designfunction.com.

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Admission to the Tuxedo Legacy Mural unveiling program is free; donations are gratefully accepted.
Seating is limited and registration is required.
To register or for further information contact the Tuxedo Historical Society at 845-351-2926 or tuxedohistory@gmail.com.