Treescape Aerial Adventure Park opens Great Gorge zip line

Vernon, NJ. Treescape opened the Black Creek Canopy Flyer, a zip line high above the trees and quarries of Great Gorge

| 10 Aug 2022 | 11:29

TreEscape Aerial Adventure Park recently announced their new Black Creek Canopy Flyer Zip Line. The attraction is a 1 ½ hour adventure, with over 1200 feet of zip lines soaring up to 50 feet above the ground.

“Guests have always loved the zip line elements in our traditional aerial obstacle course. By creating a dedicated zip line on our campus, we’ve offered what we call a more “easy-fun” experience for those looking to do a little less climbing and a lot more zipping,” said Great Gorge General Manager David Killin.

John Matusiewicz, TreEscape’s Operations Manager, and his tree adventure team have worked hard to build the new experience, looking for the best views, zipping angles, and experiences the park can offer. “A zip line of this caliber takes careful planning, testing, and adjustments to make it a world-class experience. Our team is really proud of the new installation,” he said.

The experience offers 15 unique zip lines, each from 50-150 feet long, four easy-to-cross bridges, three ladders and a grouping of platforms from 5-50 feet above the ground. Guests must be at least 7 years of age and 36”/30lbs and accompanied by an adult 18 or older to access the course. Maximum height and weight are 6’8”/265lbs.

About The Great Gorge

The Great Gorge is a Vernon, NJ destination offering a variety of outdoor and dining adventures, including The Great Gorge Golf Club, TreEscape Aerial Adventure Park, and Hef’s Hut. Situated in the Vernon Valley, the site is home to the original Great Gorge Playboy Club, which includes the adjoining resort hotel that’s not currently in use. In 2016, the Koffman family purchased the 600+ acres containing the golf club, and the 27-hole golf course was brought back to life and manicured back to a championship-worthy course. TreEscape Aerial Adventure Park was soon added, and in 2022, Hef’s Hut was introduced into the reimagined clubhouse adjacent to the golf course.

TreEscape Aerial Adventure Park is open for individuals, families, and gaggles of friends from Thursday through Sunday. Monday through Wednesday are reserved for groups, private parties, and corporate events. Reservations are required in advance, and tickets for the new Black Creek Canopy Flyer are $45 per person as a standalone activity or $35 if booked with a traditional Aerial Adventure Park experience for the same day. Tickets can be purchased online at