'Suzuki' teaching method now available in Warwick

| 30 Sep 2011 | 09:20

    Warwick — The Suzuki teaching approach for violin and guitar has come to Warwick. KidStrings, located at the Warwick Valley Community Center “Doc Fry Building” on Hamilton Avenue, will hold an open house on Saturday, Jan. 29 at 11 a.m. The program is geared to young learners ages four to 10, but children as young as age 3 can begin the study of music Call 545-1950 for more information.

    What is the Suzuki method?
    The Suzuki method, also called Talent Education, mother-tongue method, or Suzuki movement, is an educational philosophy which strives to create “high ability” and beautiful character in its students through a nurturing environment. Its primary vehicle for achieving this is music education on a specific instrument, often a violin or piano.
    The 'nurture’ involved in the movement is modeled on a concept of early childhood education that focuses on factors which Shinichi Suzuki observed in native language acquisition, such as immersion, encouragement, small steps, and an unforced timetable for learning material based on each person’s developmental readiness to imitate examples, internalize principles, and contribute novel ideas.
    The term “Suzuki method” is also sometimes used to refer solely to the Suzuki repertoire of sheet music books and/or audio recordings which have been published as part of its music education method source: www.wikipedia.org