Lost pet literary inspirations find their way to publication

Monroe. A local author makes up worlds where communications around death are eased.

| 20 Jun 2022 | 10:59

Melissa R. Mendelson, of Monroe, describes herself as a “horror, science fiction and dystopian short story author.” She recently won second place in the WritersWeekly.com 24-Hour Short Story Contest, and another one of her short stories was published in the Calliope Collection of Mystical Mayhem, which was released on June 14. Both short stories are works of fiction.

“The one included in the Calliope Collection was inspired by unfortunate experiences of losing a pet,” Mendelson said. “One too many times I’ve brought them to Monroe Animal Hospital, knowing that we reached the end, and a lot of those times, there is no closure. So, in the story in the new collection, I created an opportunity through magic for that, for us to say good-bye.”