Let the menorah lightings begin

| 30 Sep 2011 | 08:41

Two local Chabads will hold public menorah lightings throughout the area starting Thursday, Dec. 2. Chabad of Orange County Ceremonies hosted by Rabbi Burston will include the traditional lighting of the menorah, as well as the singing of Hanukkah songs, dreidel games, hot latkes, and other traditional Hanukkah treats, like doughnuts and chocolate “gelt.” Tuxedo: Tuesday, Dec. 2, at the train station at 7 p.m. With Town of Tuxedo Supervisor Peter Dolan. Lighting will be outdoors, followed by a reception inside the station. Goshen: Sunday, Dec. 5, at the Village Green at 5 p.m. Monroe: Monday, Dec. 6, at 745 Route 17M (New Commons on the Lake building), at 6 p.m. Lighting will be outdoors, followed by reception in Suite 770, in the offices of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko. Chester: Tuesday, Dec. 7 at Colonial Lanes on Brookside Ave. in Chester at 7 p.m. Lighting will be during the “Grand Hanukkah in Bubble Land” community event. Chabad of Orange County is located at 1997 Route 17M in Goshen. Rabbi Pesach Burston may be reached at 782-2770 or rabbi@ChabadOrange.com. For more information visit www.chabadorange.com. The Chabad Center of Orange County Middletown: Sunday, Dec. 5, in the Galleria Mall at 4 p.m. It’s big, it’s fantastic, and it’s made out of Legos: A ten-foot menorah will be lit in the Galleria Mall with dignitaries, children, Jews, and non-Jews alike in attendance. The menorah will be upstairs in Dick’s Court. Highlights include Hanukkah games, Lego activities, a potato latkeh bar (10 toppings featured), dreidel crafts, music, and more. Sugar Loaf: Tuesday, Dec. 7, at the Lycian Centre at 6 p.m. Special Guest: Town of Chester Supervisor Steven Neuhaus. The Chabad Center of Orange County is located at 12 N. Church St. in Goshen. Rabbi Meir Borenstein may be reached at 291-0514 or chabadoc@aol.com. For more information visit www.chabadorangecounty.com.