Free Georgian dance concert on Warwick Village Green

| 30 Sep 2011 | 08:25

WARWICK — Dancing Crane Georgian Performance Arts will present its Georgian children’s choreographic ensemble “Pesvebi” in a free concert of traditional Georgian dance on Monday, Aug. 30 on the Warwick Village Green at 6 p.m. Georgian dance is known for its strong men’s dances and its graceful, flowing women’s dances. Less known are the energetic and playful mountain dances for both men and women. Organizers said the Pesvebi performance illustrates these qualities with a zest and joy that is contagious to the audience. “Pesvebi” (“roots” in the Georgian language) performs almost every week at cultural events and concerts throughout New York City and has performed at major venues including NYU’s Skirball Center, the Millenium Theater in Brooklyn and the Gerald W. Lynch theater at John Jay College in Manhattan. The group conducts a serious program of dance classes for children aged five to 19, and will host a summer dance camp in Warwick from Aug. 27 to Sept. 1 at the studio of the Peach Grove Inn. For information send e-mail to info@dancingcrane.Org or call Shorena Barbakadze at 347-644-4611