Thomas Flood seeks re-election as a Village of Woodbury Trustee

| 23 Feb 2012 | 03:39

    My name is Thomas Flood and I am announcing my candidacy for re-election as a Village of Woodbury Trustee. For the past two years I have taken responsibility you have given me very seriously and accomplished much with our village board to meet your expectations. I have enjoyed the experience and the dialog that I have built with many of the village homeowners’ and businesses. I will continue, with your support to achieve a sensible balance between decisions that protect our home values, improve our business opportunities and govern us with prosperous results. I am an experienced manager and certified project manager, with 29 years in IBM, where I lead teams on complex projects, meeting deadlines, achieving business objectives, client deliverables and budgets. As a disaster recovery I/T professional my teams have helped companies recover during the 9-11, Hurricane Katrina and 2010 Brisbane Flood disasters. As a volunteer both in and out of our community, I have served our youth and built future leaders. As your trustee, I will continue to use your tax dollars wisely. I will continue to support our local businesses, use good judgment on decisions that protect our future, promote safe revenue opportunities, eliminate duplication through our coterminous initiative, and manage Village issues with project management disciplines and timeliness. I will continue work with our other boards with the goal of functioning as one team and one community! On Election Day, Tuesday, March 15, I am asking you to vote for the re-election of the Common Sense Party Team of Queenan, Egan and Flood. Please come out to vote! Thank you for your support. Thomas Flood Highland Mills