'You have an opportunity to make your community a better place by electing Rob Furbeck' Monroe Town Justice

| 13 Oct 2017 | 12:05

    To the citizens of Monroe:
    In May 2016, I retired from the New York State Police as a Major, Detail Commander, having served 35 years. During those three and a half decades I had the honor of serving with the most dedicated and talented public servants in the law enforcement field.
    Among that outstanding group, Rob Furbeck always excelled. He was a leader and mentor who always sought to make things better.
    Rob Furbeck possesses a work ethic second to none. He was raised in a blue collar family and that simple upbringing cemented his ethics and values.
    Rob is detail oriented and has a unique understanding of the criminal justice system. He has actively and very effectively participated in all phases of that system.
    He brings that hands on experience to the office of Town Justice.
    He has personally faced the worst violence in society and has assisted those in the community most in need. He is compassionate and understands all the working parts of that system needed to make a community safe.
    Rob Furbeck has spent his life in public service: 21 years of distinguished service with the New York State Police.
    In addition, he unselfishly has served the Monroe community as a volunteer firefighter for 30 years.
    His vast experience and continuous training, while working within the New York State criminal justice system, along with his lifelong community involvement make him uniquely qualified for the position of Town Justice.
    On Nov. 7, you have the opportunity to make your community a better place by electing Rob Furbeck as your Town Justice in the Town of Monroe.
    Steve Nevins
    Major, New York State Police