Woodbury needs Tim Egan

| 19 Oct 2017 | 02:49

    As an operations chief for Rockland Paramedics, Tim makes critical split second life and death decisions every day in addition to complicated financial ones.
    We are fortunate to have Tim in office as a Village of Woodbury Trustee and Deputy Mayor for the past nine years. He uses his vast experience (previously Tim served on the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Comprehensive Plan Committee) and calm demeanor wisely to make crucial decisions that impact the lives of Woodbury residents.
    Tim is a fair-minded and independent thinker who takes his responsibilities seriously and cannot be bullied into doing the bidding of others.
    Recently Tim’s resolve was put to the test when the Town and Village Boards were ready to vote on the $9 million municipal building that many residents were against. Tim immediately spoke up and thought it was imperative to put this matter to a public referendum, trusting the people to decide if this much expense was warranted.
    I’ve worked with Tim in the past when I served as Comprehensive Plan Committee chair and Village of Woodbury Planning Board chair. Tim always demonstrated a unique ability to resolve matters fairly while gaining the respect of those involved on both sides of the issue. This is an admirable trait.
    This election is about results. Woodbury needs qualified leadership capable of navigating the complicated challenges facing us.
    Tim Egan is a dedicated public servant who takes his fiduciary duty seriously. He’s always accessible and not just during election time.
    Doesn’t he deserve two more years?
    George Sewitt
    Highland Mills