‘What’s the rush?'

| 26 Oct 2017 | 01:40

    A vote in favor of creating a new town in Orange County at this time is foolish because there are too many questions that require answers.
    I understand what the rush is all about. United Monroe wants to settle up their failed lawsuit with KJ so they don’t get counter-sued for millions of dollars in legal fees. But that’s United Monroe’s problem, not ours.
    This deal of theirs is most certainly not an ingenious plan conjured by a “historic” effort. “Let’s finish the job” really translates into "you need to finish the fight we picked."
    While it's easy for any political group to build support by running around Monroe screaming, “KJ is taking over,” the bottom line is the Town of Monroe and Orange County should not be asked to clean up the catastrophe caused by the fourteen members of United Monroe’s executive committee.
    Will the new town of Palm Tree be approved on November 7th? Of course, it will. It’s easier for voters to be scared and have power brokers think for them than it is to think for themselves.
    That is why most of the trash we see at the state and national levels of government got their big break at the local level because of Kool Aid drinkers and bloc voters – the “sheep.”
    Please understand the reality behind this vote. There is no validity to it. Any lawyer with half a brain in their head will easily stop this nonsensical legal settlement because we are being asked to vote for something that our Constitution clearly will not allow.
    Separation of church and state is embedded in our laws and the all-powerful, all-knowing United Monroe committee can't change that.
    United Monroe didn’t learn the first time they used lawyers and money to side-step the Constitution and now they have to work for KJ as per their agreement. Four years later we see the same group of people manipulating our legal system with a Proposition Vote and dragging us down with them, again.
    Before voting please ask yourself: What’s the rush all about?
    If we must be quick to believe what power brokers say is true then there is no truth. If we are being herded to make a decision in haste then the correct choice is not to make one.
    Russ Ferdico