Wayne Chan: 'An elected official not a politician'

| 01 Mar 2018 | 04:24

    My name is Wayne Chan. I am currently a trustee for the Village of Monroe and I am running for re-election.
    I have resided in Monroe for more than 28 years and have raise three children with my wife here. I am employed as a consultant with a global automotive manufacture and am a New York State Emergency Medical Technician as well as a CPR instructor.
    For the past 20 years I have volunteer with the local ambulance corps. I also volunteer with the Nation Ski Patrol and am a medical instructor with them.
    I am running for re-election with Mayor Purcell. We are self-financed and seek no endorsements from any group. Mayor Purcell and I continue to make decisions based on what is best for the community.
    We issue surveys to see what the community wants and are beholding to no one but own conscious.
    I don’t ask questions at meeting for the sake of looking good. I am not the type to yell and scream at meeting but instead work through the facts.
    My past accomplishments speak for themselves. I want to continue to do this to give back to the community, which is why I did not take the pay raise in the last budget.
    I consider myself an elected official, not a politician. A politician is someone who will say and do anything to get elected.
    Over the next few weeks the cyber and social media bullies will appear and try to sway your vote with negativity.
    I ask you, the community, to find the facts out for yourselves then make a decision on who to vote for.
    I urge you to vote, regardless of who you vote for.
    Thank you,
    Wayne Chan