Voting for Marty O’Connor

| 09 Mar 2022 | 12:38

    My name is John Graham. I have lived in Orange County my entire life. I recently moved from Pine Island, NY to Monroe, in 2017. I graduated from Monroe-Woodbury High School in 1974. I am writing this letter to endorse Marty O’Connor who is running for Monroe Village Trustee on March 15th.

    In 1992 I started work at Reich & Tang, a Mutual Funds company. Marty O’Connor was my boss at Reich & Tang for all 17 years of my tenure at Reich & Tang. I got to know Marty as both my boss and his family, as our Daughters attended Nursery School at Sacred Heart in Monroe.

    I came to know Marty as a devoted family man, active in the lives of his four children in the sporting events that they were involved in. This while Marty commuted, as many in our village do every day to Manhattan. During his time at Reich & Tang, Marty was promoted to Vice-President and as such became part of the Management Team.

    I personally treasure my voting privilege. As such I never skip voting no matter the election, National, State, and Local. I encourage all eligible voters to come out to vote in the Monroe Village electionon March 15th,and to vote for Marty O’Connor for Village Trustee.