Voting for Cardone, Bingham and Schwartz - and Palm Tree

| 12 Oct 2017 | 05:41

    As a 19-year resident of the Town of Monroe, and a proud supporter of United Monroe, I wholeheartedly endorse Tony Cardone for Town Supervisor, Mary Bingham for Town Council and Audra Schwartz for Town Justice.
    I have full confidence they will continue to bring fairness and transparency to our town government.
    I also am 100 percent in favor of the separation of the Town of Monroe and the Village of Kiryas Joel. Due to consistent pressure from the citizens’ group United Monroe, the leadership of Kiryas Joel finally came to the negotiating table to hammer out an agreement that we can all live with. An additional 56 acres is a small price to pay for the political freedom that we will benefit from for years to come.
    As a resident who has spent countless hours attending Town Board meetings presided over by the tyrannical Town Supervisor Harley Doles and his cronies, I know for certain that political separation is the only logical solution.
    The proposed town of Palm Tree will ensure the residents of Monroe that the likes of Doles and Company will not be able to continue their choke hold over our town.
    Furthermore, moving the school district boundaries will allow current and future generations of our children to continue to benefit from the excellent academic, athletic and extra-curricular opportunities that are afforded them in the Monroe-Woodbury school district.
    On Nov. 7, there will be two very important referendums on the back of our ballots. One is the creation of a Constitutional Convention. As a 38-year member of the Theatrical Wardrobe Union of the International Alliance of Stage Theatrical Employees, I will personally be voting no to the Constitutional Convention, but I will be voting yes for the creation of the Town of Palm Tree.
    I urge my fellow citizens of Monroe to vote for the United Monroe endorsed candidates Cardone, Bingham and Schwartz and remember to turn over your ballot and join me in voting yes for the creation of the Town of Palm Tree.
    Peggy Kazdan
    Town of Monroe