Vote for Sandra Capriglione

| 26 Oct 2017 | 01:41

    On November 7th I am voting for Sandy Capriglione for Woodbury Town Council. I urge voters of all political parties to do the same.
    You will not be disappointed.
    I have known Sandy for more than thirty years and always found her to be an honest, dedicated, knowledgeable and caring individual. She demonstrates these attributes in everything she does.
    Sandy has been serving our community for several years as a gatekeeper with Parks and Recreation, member of the Beautification Commission and volunteer for many local functions.
    Sandy has attended and participated in hundreds of county meetings, town and village board meetings, zoning board and planning board meetings and public hearings. This activism did not go unnoticed and Sandy was appointed to the Woodbury Zoning Board of Appeals and now serves on the Planning Board.
    Her votes on applications are dictated by the oath of office she took when appointed. This oath requires she follow local regulations and New York State Law when making decisions.
    At times this oath conflicts with personal feelings, but Sandy has always been able to follow the oath she took.
    I again urge all voters to join me in voting for Sandra Capriglione for Town Council on November 7th. I also urge you to vote for the other candidates of the Common Sense Party; David Sutz for Supervisor, Robert Hunter for Town Council, Michael Queenan for Mayor, Tim Eagan for Trustee and Tom Flood for Trustee.
    Neil Crouse
    Woodbury Village Trustee