'Vote for a change Woodbury needs'

| 26 Oct 2017 | 01:40

    Election Day is a time to take stock of how things are going in Wood bury and to decide whether we need a change in direction. I think we do.
    Over the last two years, village and town leaders have settled into a "business as usual" mode. Their activities are reactive. They present no vision for Woodbury’s future.
    While KJ plans in decades, Woodbury leaders react in real time.
    While water concerns increase, they have not provided a plan to ensure our water is plentiful, accessible and safe.
    While traffic worsens on 32, they have no plan to address it, or the upcoming complication the new road construction will bring.
    While families struggle because of high taxes, they play a shell game moving taxes from town to village and claiming they have reduced taxes.
    While more and more businesses in our hamlets struggle or fail, they have no plan for economic development and downtown revitalization.
    Woodbury deserves leaders with vision. Municipal facilities must serve the public and at a reasonable cost. Project should be clearly laid out with timelines. The village master plan needs to be implemented. A municipal complex needs to begin in earnest. It needs to be cost efficient end the year of inactivity. After the referendum passed 3 to 1 we hoped to see the town and village leaders work together to find alternatives. We offered people with experience to work with the elected officials. Only one person accepted. This is why we support Frank Palermo. Along with him we put together a slate of candidates with expertise and experience in getting things done.
    In promoting the referendum the Democratic Committee wanted to ensure people had a voice. We are again offering voters a choice. Business as usual or new blood, new energy, new ideas.
    We believe the candidates we are endorsing, Palermo, Haviland and Hernandez will take the town in a new direction. Their commitment is to represent all the people of Woodbury, to recognize the diversity in our community, to address the many concerns people talk about in Woodbury.
    In addition, Juana Leandry and James Freiband, who are running for village council will ensure we are moving forward. Insiders and politician will be replaced by people like you and me. They will work directly with the town to look at consolidating town and village. When the village formed we were promised no increase in taxes. We were told it would be protection against annexations. That is no longer the case. We pay two tax bills in Woodbury now. Annexation issues have grown as KJ developed new strategies. Over the years, we created two layers of government and redundancies. Woodbury now has 10 people leading us, doing the job five used to. It is time to look at how to consolidate the two layers of government to save money and create a more efficient system. I believe the five candidates endorsed by the Woodbury Democratic Committee will do this and more. A Vote for row A is a vote for change. A change, Woodbury needs.
    Willa Freiband
    Town of Woodbury
    Democratic Committee Chair