United Monroe's endorsements

| 02 Nov 2017 | 02:37

    I am pleased to share United Monroe's endorsement for Tony Cardone, Mary Bingham and Audra Schwartz for Town Supervisor, Town Council and Town Justice respectively.
    Tony Cardone, in his two years on the town board has cut wasteful positions in town government, hired a qualified planner to update and improve the town's comprehensive plan, instituted a moratorium on residential construction until the completion of the comprehensive plan and zoning is established, and is ensuring a full financial audit of the town budget is completed.
    Tony will make an excellent Town Supervisor.
    Mary Bingham has served on both the Conservation Commission and the Planning Board of Monroe for many years. Mary's service and dedication to her community is evident in her years of active work on behalf of her fellow citizens.
    Mary's leadership skills and strong knowledge base will make her an invaluable asset to the Town Council.
    Audra Schwartz is an experienced attorney, having litigated civil and criminal cases in her law practice for the past 23 years. Audra is eminently qualified for the position of Town Justice, and will serve the people of Monroe with the care, dignity, and knowledge she has brought to the Planning Board of Monroe.
    As both a Planning Board member, and Chairperson, Audra has streamlined the planning processes and procedures and can be trusted to do the same for the Town Court.
    Lastly, United Monroe asks you to please vote Yes on proposal number 4 for Kiryas Joel separation. This proposal is the result of years of painstaking activism, litigation, and volunteer work on behalf of the citizens of Monroe. The grassroots, non-partisan organization, United Monroe has created the pressure and leverage which brought Kiryas Joel to file a petition to separate. Our negotiation reduced the amount of acres which Kiryas Joel will take in exchange for our political freedom. We will not have another opportunity to separate. Please remember to flip over your ballot and vote Yes on proposal #4.
    Thanks for your continued support, involvement, and active participation in your community's future. You have been the change you wanted to see. Now we can finish the job!
    Vote Row I. And thank you again.
    Emily Convers
    Volunteer chairwoman and founder, United Monroe