Tuxedo: 'Let 2018 be your year to get involved'

| 29 Mar 2018 | 01:55

    Esteemed Tuxedo residents,
    I’m writing to encourage you to make 2018 a year of community involvement.
    The Town of Tuxedo invites town residents to serve on the Town's Planning, Zoning and Architectural Review Boards.
    Descriptions of each position, relevant qualifications and the application process can be found on the Town's website: www.tuxedogov.org.
    Your involvement and service is a critical component in shaping our community’s future. Successful small town governance requires residents’ active participation.
    It’s our local boards that guide the design of the direction our communities are taking. We need more people to consider turning their concerns into service.
    Don’t wait for the other guy to do it. Let this year be your year to get involved.
    Attend a Town Board meeting.
    Join a residents association.
    Attend a school board meeting.
    Let 2018 be your year to get involved.
    Kenneth English
    Town of Tuxedo Councilman