The Monroe Free Library is the 'bang' for your tax dollars

| 02 Nov 2017 | 02:37

    I am writing to ask you to vote for the Monroe Free Library’s budget increase on November 7th and I’ll keep it brief.
    The library offers the best “bang” for your tax dollar. Here’s why:
    You can use it 24/7, 365 days a year.
    You can use it whatever your age – birth to 100+.
    You don’t need to be sick, have a fire or get robbed to use it.
    You can download ebooks and audio books.
    You can access it on your computer, phone or Ipad.
    You can learn a language online through Rosetta Stone.
    You can get books and more .from any library in the state.
    You can enjoy great programming at the library.
    You can borrow books, DVDs, CDs, audio books and magazines.
    You can find a quiet place to relax.
    The library has not had a budget increase in two years. We want to continue to bring you the best library service possible. Help us to do that by voting for the budget on November 7th.
    Remember, turn your ballot OVER and vote FOR the library’s budget.
    Patricia C. Shanley,
    President, Board of Trustees
    Monroe Free Library