‘Thank you, Senator Skoufis’

| 25 Aug 2020 | 08:06

    I am thankful to read that our State Senator, James Skoufis, has introduced a bill to require utilities to advise customers of the estimated restoration time of their power service within 36 hours of a power outage.

    Many of us just lived through a storm that took down power to our homes for almost a week. Not having any idea of when our power would come back on made it difficult for us to make important decisions of what to do in that situation.

    The new legislation that Senator Skoufis has introduced is the right thing for all power utilities to do in those cases of outages, so that all the people can have peace of mind and make proper plans.

    Thank you, Senator Skoufis.

    Dr. Russell Petro

    Stony Point