Thank you, Mayor Jim Purcell

| 22 Feb 2018 | 04:11

    I am a 100 percent disabled combat veteran who first met Mayor Jim Purcell in January 2014. He came to my home asking for support in his run for mayor of the village of Monroe.
    During our talk, I asked him if he knew why the Monroe-Woodbury School Board had not voted or even talked about extending the New York State’s veteran exemption to the local school tax.
    He said he did not know but would find out, and he left.
    Twenty minutes later there was a knock on my front door, it was Jim Purcell with an answer. It was not a favorable answer, but Jim said he would somehow convince the school board to reconsider.
    Jim reached out to the American Legion and the 488 VFW commander of Monroe to discuss the tax exemption and worked with the VFW and the school board on addressing this issue.
    About three months later, the school board did reconsider and agreed to extend the exemption to disabled vets.
    That reconsideration was a direct result of Jim Purcell’s actions. Jim Purcell is a person who has led Village of Monroe in a positive direction.
    He has shown true leadership skills and a strong desire to be a people's mayor. That is why I support Jim in his bid for re-election as mayor of the Village of Monroe.
    Jim, speaking for all veterans whom you have continually supported, I thank you. You are a true leader and a man of your word.
    As an experienced combat leader, I can offer no higher praise than to say I would follow you anywhere.
    Thank you.
    Major Leon Plotnitzky