‘Schmitt is ... dedicated to working on all issues that matter to us’

| 22 Sep 2020 | 02:25

    I am a longtime New Windsor resident and I proudly support and urge all residents of our district to re-elect our Assemblyman Colin Schmitt.

    Mr. Schmitt is a great man dedicated to working on all issues that matter to us.

    Personally I participated in his legislative roundtable on the heroin and opioid crisis. I have personal experience with this crisis and I am so glad to see our local Assemblyman is doing everything possible to combat this plaque.

    In town he has proven effective over and over again. Securing hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding. Working across the aisle to fix the pesky and notorious railroad crossings. Delivering PPE masks at the height of the pandemic when no had them. Restocking the food pantry and securing funding to keep it going.

    The list certainly goes on to so many other positive items.

    If you live in New Windsor or any other towns in our district, vote for Schmitt.

    Thank you,

    Robert Ehrlinger

    New Windsor