Paul Brooke outlines why he is running for Tuxedo Park Village Board

| 23 May 2021 | 01:52

    I am a Trustee candidate in the current election.

    By way of background, I have been a Park resident for over 40 years, served as Chairman of the Planning Board and Board of Architectural Review as we entered the National Register of Historic Places and raised my four children here.

    The reason I am running arises both of having become once again a full-time resident and a series of observations.

    First, what makes McFadden an excellent mayor is his commitment to the Village and his leadership in defining and dealing with our issues head on. He has done so in a divisive environment. That environment can and should change in this election.

    Second, as a Village, we have a unique and critical opportunity before us in the wake of COVID. There has been an influx of new owners as well as an increase in the number of long term owners spending more time in residence. An increase in the number of residents suggests a more robust attention to issues by a more diverse population.

    Third, as Trustees our goal is to define what should be dealt with, develop a strategy, and then implement. This requires a coherent and cooperative board focused on efficiency. I think this is possible for the first time in a long time. Having attended this month’s meeting, I believe the quality, length and efficiency can be improved.

    Fourth, what are the issues before us?

    Short term, the items before us include the quality of the water in the Lake, the Wee Wah Beach Club and water loss in the piping.

    Intermediate term, the agenda must focus on infrastructure, on water and sewer quality, on costs and/or technology.

    And long term, I think the focus must be on taxes and possibly Tuxedo Farms.

    And fifth, it is my hope that the Board and the community may deal with these issues coherently and cleanly. We all play on the same field. We all play for the same team.

    If you wish to share your thoughts, concerns, and/or suggestions, please do feel free to email me. I am also receptive to scheduling or attending an in-person event.

    Thank you. I look forward to a productive few years.


    Paul Brooke

    Tuxedo Park