Orange County needs Stephen Hunter

| 26 Oct 2017 | 01:38

    All residents of Orange County deserve their voice to be heard on those issues that directly affect them.
    Sadly, that currently is not the case. With the Orange County Legislature skewed as it is, only a select few access to those that have the ability to shape laws and programs that will affect everyone for years to come especially in the areas of the environment, care for our truly needy, responsible economic development, while displaying a laisse faire attitude to those entities that blatantly disregard standing laws and regulations.
    That is why the people of Blooming Grove and Woodbury need someone like Stephen Hunter to be their representative in the Orange County Legislature.
    Stephen Hunter will promote responsible government; ensure that all groups and municipalities follow the law; and protect our environment while exercising fiscal conservatism.
    Stephen Hunter will do this without partisanship and/or political posturing.
    His goal is all people before politics.
    On Nov. 7th, I appeal to you to vote for Stephen Hunter to be your representative for the County 5th District in the Orange County Legislature.
    Amidee T. (Bo) Haviland III