Metzger responsive to voters, not vested interests

| 16 Oct 2020 | 12:49

    I support the re-election of state senator Jen Metzger for many reasons: her responsiveness to constituents, her support for the environment, for small farms and businesses and for education which is more fairly funded.

    One of her strongest attributes, however, is her integrity.

    Metzger is one of the only New York State senators who does not accept corporate or lobbyist money. She has actually returned checks sent to her by big donors who would like to influence her votes.

    Most of her campaign contributions come from her own constituents, and most are small donations ($50 or less). In addition, she supported a bill which capped spending by limited liability companies at $5,000, and introduced a bill to ban all corporate campaign contributions.

    In a state that has seen its share of ethical and legal misconduct by politicians, she is also committed to substantive ethics reform.

    When so many people see politicians accepting large amounts from entities that expect something in return, they lose faith in politics. Metzger shows that politicians do not have to be unduly influenced by corporate money.

    She represents us, the voters, not vested interests, and she has my full support.

    Charlene Hirschberg