Mayor James Purcell: 'Leadership and integrity'

| 15 Mar 2018 | 03:48

    My name is Tony Romagnino and I am an active member of the Activities Committee for the Village of Monroe the last four years.
    My primary role has been as the Sunday Farmers Market Manager, yet I have been participated in many activities such as the Summer Festival, Winter Festival and various other activities over the this time frame.
    The Activities Committee was formed under the leadership of Mayor James Purcell a long with Trustee Irene Conklin and other committed village community members.
    The mission of the Activities Committee is to provide the village community with social events.
    Planning is the key to all successes through community requests, meetings of open discussions, standard process and execution of planning.
    In my four years our committee has grown through adversity, challenges and process of implementation to provide the village with activities in the name of community. Mayor James Purcell understanding of County and State Government provides strategic insight into accessing grant dollars for the betterment of the Village of Monroe.
    The leadership of Mayor James Purcell in guiding the committee to the vision of a unified community has always been the number one priority for the Village of Monroe.
    Involvement in community is a frame of mind with many variables and one aspect is integrity of doing the right thing based on rules and information provided.
    I have been blessed with opportunities to work with Mayor Gerald Calabrese of Cliffside Park, New Jersey, whom was the mayor for 50 years, Mayor John Coiro of Totowa, New Jersey, whom is currently the mayor for 19 years and Mayor James Purcell for eight years through community involvement.
    The three mayors have many qualities in common that grow their success in popularity.
    In my experiences with each mayor I have been fortunate to learn from each in my community activities, I have found they all possess impeccable communication and ownership of all their decisions through integrity.
    In closing, James Purcell has been an a community advocate, seeker of correct information, delegator of responsibilities, while recognizing work efforts of volunteerism of all and utmost integrity of owning decisions made for the Village of Monroe.
    I welcome four years plus to improve through quality leadership of James Purcell as the Village of Monroe Mayor.
    Tony Romagnino
    Village of Monroe Farmers Market Manager