Mayor James Purcell and Trustee Wayne Chan announce reelection bids

| 01 Feb 2018 | 04:11

    Dear fellow Citizens of the Village of Monroe:
    Myself and Trustee Wayne Chan are both humbled and honored to announce our re-election bids for Mayor of the Village of Monroe and sitting Trustee seat. We have been serving the public for 12 years.
    Together with our experience and knowledge of our vast community we feel that our continued public service will benefit the village's future.
    We have made many positive changes and know that changes need to happen everyday.
    Continuing with our style of governing, we are not beholden to anyone individual or group. We are here to serve all our constituents equally and fairly by the rule of law. Let Democracy live.
    Election day is Tuesday, March 20.
    We are running on the Good Government line. Please exercise your right to vote.
    Mayor James C Purcell
    Trustee Wayne Chan